Fountain Valley
Serving the Children of the World
In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board The Club Board of Directors and Officers
Fundraising Committee This committee plans and oversees our fundraising activities. They secure volunteers for these activities from the club. With all our great service projects we have, they are impossible without funds donated by the community. Events like Pins for Kids, Summerfest, Concerts in the Park help us secure those donations and raise those funds.
Interclub Committee When we visit other clubs we get new ideas, we also get to promote our upcoming events. When other clubs visit us we gain extra income through lunch payments and happy/sad dollars and a chance to help return the support they give us. This committee helps us secure interclub lunches and helps to get members to attend.
Membership Committee They are like the welcoming committee for our new members. They Create and take advantage of opportunities to gain new members to our club. They follows up with friend shippers to new/inactive members. They ensure new members receive training and conducts continual training to the club in general.
Programs Committee The Party Planning Committee! Organizes Programs for our weekly meetings. Obtains member volunteers for invocation, flag salute, secret greeter, etc a week in advance. Creates clever ways to raise funds and fun at meetings. Assists Members who want to host the Monthly Social at their place of business/home. Assists with Installation Dinner and helps to organize other special club events.
Public Relations Committee This committee gets our name out in the community. Establishes contacts in print, digital, and social media to feature our organization and tell our story. I think we had 3 reporting photographers are Pins for Kids year. We want this sort of thing happening at all our events! They would help Laura have fresh content for our Monthly Newsletter. They work closely with our Membership, Service, and Fundraising committees to know what events to promote and what media outlets to publish them in.
Service Committee All the other committees are are essential in creating an enviroment that allows us to do this one thing; serve. This committee organizes and assess current service project activities; Brittany’s Closet, Project Favors, Special Needs Bowling, Orangewood Christmas etc. Also looks for more opportunities for meaningful service.
Sponsored Youth Leadership Committee The lifebloood of Kiwanis is our family. Our Key & KIWIN'S Clubs help us in the work we do and they provide service of thier own while gaining valuable leadership experience. We need Kiwanians who are able assist in chaperoneing their activies and directing them when they assists us with ours. We also need advisors to their specific clubs who can attend once a month, help them run their club, & assist them with integrating with our Kiwanis Club.